Standing Committee Chairs

Ethics                                                   Special Events

Lewis Clymore                                     Taylor Hagin

MARR                                                  Safety Net                             

Community Relations                          Georgia Pardon's and Parole

Steve Herndon                                    Liaison

Safety Net                                           George Braucht

Member Relations                               Georgia Dept of Corrections

Brett Bagley                                         Probation Division Liaison

Purple                                                  Vacant

Policy & Procedures                           Legislative Committee  Chair  

George Braucht                                  Vacant



Doug Brush


Education and Training

Charmon Talley

Cornerstone Recovery Residence

2016-2017 GARR Board of Directors

Executive Committee                                                


Dick Cotrill

Hope Homes

President Elect

Debra Dantzler

Covenant Community


Debra Dantzler

Covenent Community


Julie Hansen


Past President

Kris Shock

Member Benefits

Benefits of GARR Membership

  • Having input into decisions affecting recovery residences in Georgia
  • Increased credibility due to meeting a high level of standards
  • ​Ability to be a part of a mentorship program, with long-time accredited programs, aiding and sharing their knowledge and expertise.
  • An enlarged free referral base both from the GARR Website, GARR Peers, and the recovery community network GARR interfaces with through conferences, publications and mailings
  • Widespread site representation at no cost by having your brochures available at major conferences where GARR has an exhibit booth
  • Staying abreast of current trends and issues affecting recovery residences
  • Being a member of the only accrediting body for recovery residences in the state of Georgia, dedicated to continuing quality improvement
  • Opportunity to be an active participant in the annual Legislative Day at the  State Capital
  • Opportunity to be a part of an active knowledgeable network, as well as enjoy fellowship with professionals in the field